Brakes St James


Here at Brakes St James, we specialise in providing brake services in St James for all variety of vehicles in nearby locations.

We are happy to offer our services of brakes in St James. If you live in St James and require the services of an established, efficient and reliable Brake company, please do not look any further.

Our full brake inspection checks the condition of the entire braking system, your wheels will be removed and if drums are damaged these will also be removed. Your handbrake will receive a free adjust and brake fluid will also be topped up if required.

  • Handbrake reserve travel including adjust
  • Brake pad check
  • Brake disc check
  • Brake pipes and brake hose check
  • Brake fluid check including a free top up of fluid
  • Calipers and wheel cylinder check
  • Handbrake cables and linkages

If we determine you need any work on your brakes and you choose to have it done with us we will deduct the cost of the inspection from the total cost of the work carried out. However, we will never undertake any work without authorisation from you.

We understand reliability is key and work closely with our clients to ensure we meet their needs and do not let them down.


Call us for all your brakes in St James today!


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The services that we provide  are:

  • Brakes in St James
  • Repair Brakes in St James
  • New Brakes in St James
  • Brake Companies in St James
  • Free Brake Checks in St James


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